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Department of International Relations

International Relations (IR) is a field of science that studies relationships among states, international organizations, multinational corporations, international norms and international society. The IR Department’s main objective is to provide students with the necessary tools for critical and analytical thinking and problem solving, and with knowledge and skills that would be necessary in their professional lives.

Its undergraduate academic program covers the subjects in line with this purpose. Through compulsory courses as Theories of International Relations, Political History, International Organizations, International Law and Foreign Policy Analysis etc., students can get a solid background on how international system operates, the stages of its evolution since the 16th century and its legal and economic framework. In addition to these compulsory courses, a wide range of elective courses both on International Relations and also on other fields of social sciences allow students to specialize in areas of their choice.

The Department has four main subdivisions that are International Relations, Political History, International Economic Integrations, and International Law. The Department offers B.A., M.A. and integrated Ph.D. degrees in IR, and non-thesis master’s degree in ‘Regional Relations: European Union and Mediterrean Studies’.

Contact:  0 232 311 40 08 - Secretary of Department - To be announced soon