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Business Administration

Department of Business Administration

Increasing global competition requires future managers to be professionally qualified and knowledgeable initiators. Therefore, ever changing circumstances of national and international markets should be considered in designing a modern business administration curriculum.

In this context, the programs offered at both undergraduate and graduate levels aim to raise individuals who are able to develop a flexible way of thinking and adapt to constantly increasing global competition. We believe that our students who are prepared to be experts and researchers both in public and private sectors by our programs, get ready for the developments and the challenges of their area in the 21st century.

The department of Business Administration aims to share both application-oriented and scholarly knowledge and experience. Current faculty members do not only teach but also conduct research in coordination with industry according to their field of experience and publish evaluation of the research projects. Our department have a reliable experience about the solution of the SME’s problems as a result of these projects.

“Entrepreneurship” and “Innovation” which increasingly get significant, are among the major field of interest of our academic staff. Following the processes of idea competition, selection, training and consultancy, the Entrepreneurship Campus project is recently completed in cooperation with an NGO and several investors. Another significant project about entrepreneurship is conducted with EBILTEM and Ege University Technology Transfer Office. In this project, the faculty members of Business Administration Department give lectures (Principles of Entrepreneurship, Marketing for Entrepreneurs, Financial Manangment, Business Law, etc.) to the participants of the project to contribute their ability to develop and apply their own business knowledge.

Contact: iibfisletme@mail.ege.edu.tr 0 232 311 53 01 - Secretary of Department Dilek GÜNERİ

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