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Department of Economics

Economics in general aims to examine the decisions of individuals and societies reached in order to satisfy human needs with limited resources and the reasons, effects and efficiency aspects of these decisions. Undergraduate Program of the Department of Economics provides the students with a solid theoretical basis of the field and supports this basis with econometric and statistical methods and analyses through applications.

Basic aim of the Program is to give the students a wide perspective in their approaches to actual economic events and problems, and also to enable the students to apply analytical tools in order to solve these problems. In accordance with this aim, the Undergraduate Program focuses on basic subjects such as Economic Theory, Applied Economics, Economic History, Economic Policy, International Economics and Economic Development. The Program is bilingual. Most of the Undergraduate Curriculum, especially core courses, are in English. Other courses are in Turkish. An English Preparatory Education is obligatory for the students without adequate English formation. The English Preparatory Education is provided by the Department of Foreign Languages of Ege University.

All the 1st and 2nd year courses of the Economics Undergraduate Program are must courses. Starting with the 3rd year, students may specialise in certain fields through the elective courses. Diversity of elective courses and the freedom to take elective courses from other departments enables the students to prepare themselves consciously and effectively for work life or an academic life by enhancing their knowledge and abilities in their fields of interest. Student alumni pursue careers in private or public international institutions, or continue with graduate programs to proceed to an academic career.

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