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Ege University, Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences (FEAS) was established in 1992 and started education at and undergraduate level in 1994-1995. The departments in the faculty are Economics, Business Administration, and International Relations.

There are 87 academic staff including 19 professors, 17 associate professors, 22 assistant professors, and 29 research assistants at the Faculty.

The Faculty offers courses at undergraduate and graduate levels in the three departments. At least 30% of courses in these three departments are in English. Duration of undergraduate education is five years for those taking one year English preparation class and four years for the students who pass the exam of English. Students successfully finishing the program are awarded Undergraduate Degree.

All the departments of the faculty offer a variety of graduate programs designed for different areas of specializations. The graduate programs in the Department of Business Administration are the followings: Master of Business Administration (with thesis), Master of Management Sciences and Organization (with thesis), Master of Business Administration (MBA Without Thesis), Master Program of Marketing and Brand Management (Without Thesis), Master of Corporate Governance and Leadership (Without Thesis), Master of Human Resources Management and Management Development (Without Thesis), Master of Accounting and Finance (Without Thesis), Master of Production and Operations Management (Without Thesis ), Business Administration E-Master Program (E- MBA Without Thesis), Logistics Management E-Master Program (Without Thesis). In the department of Economics the graduate programs are Economics Master Program (with thesis), Regional Development Economics Master Program (with thesis), Money-Banking Master Program (Without Thesis), Economics E-Master Program (Without Thesis), Financial Economics And Management E-Master Program (Without Thesis). In the department of International Relations the graduate programs are International Relations Master Program (with thesis) and Regional Relations: European Union-Mediterranean Studies Master Program (Without Thesis).

Besides, there are three PhD programs at the faculty: PhD in Economics, PhD in Business Administration and PhD in International Relations.

The undergraduate programs are designed to enable the students to gain flexible way of thinking required by the global competition and ability to adapt to global competition. The faculty attempts to prepare students for their future professions in both private and public sector. The Faculty offers facilities both for academic and business life. Graduate programs with thesis aim to contribute to the academic development of the students while graduate programs without thesis rather focus on market applications and support individuals in business life to use their knowledge as strategic instruments. Therefore, the students benefit from the programs according to their expertise and specific needs. Each year around 400 students admit to the graduate programs and their divergent backgrounds support the diversity in the faculty.

In addition to teaching and research degrees, a close coordination is maintained with business World, NGOs, public institutions and other organizations of education and our faculty


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