Prof.Dr. Metin KARADAĞ

Prof.Dr. Metin KARADAĞ

Ege Üniversitesi
İktisadi ve İdari Bilimler Fakültesi
İktisat Bölümü
35100 Bornova / İZMİR
Tel: 0 232 311 5290

Ph.D: Loughborough University, Economy, 1997
M.S.c: Bath University, Fiscal Studies, 1991
B.S.c: Uludağ University, Public Finance, 1987

Research Interests:
Efficiency and productivity, Public capital, Computable general equilibrium modelling for tax policy analysis

Curriculum Vitae:
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Selected Publications:

  • Karadag, M. ve A.J. Westaway,“The Impact on Consumer and Producer Prices of Changes in VAT in Turkey Designed to Meet EU Membership Criteria”, Middle East Business and Economic Review, 12, 1, 43-57, 2000.
  • Karadağ, M., E. Deliktaş, and A. Ö. Önder, "The Effects of Public Infrastructure on Private Sector Performances in the Turkish Regional Manufacturing Industries", European Planning Studies, 12, 8, 1145-1156,2004.
  • Karadağ, M., A. Ö. Önder, ve E. Deliktaş, “Growth of Factor Productivity in the Turkish Manufacturing Industry at Provincial Level”, Regional Studies, , 39, 2, 213-223, 2005
  • Karadağ, M. and A. Ö. Önder, "The Comparison of Productivity Growth in the EU and Turkey: The Possible İmpact of the Membership", International Review of Economics and Business, RISEC , 52, 3, 395-411, 2005
  • Deliktas E. ,  A. Ö. Önder ,• M.  Karadağ, “The spillover effects of public capital on the Turkish
    private manufacturing industries in the geographical regions”, Annals of Regional Science, Vol: 43, No:2, pp.365–378, 2009.
  • Önder A. Ö.,• Deliktas E. ,  M.  Karadağ “The Impact of Public Capital Stock on Regional Convergence in Turkey”, European Planning Studies, 18, 7, 1041 — 1055, 2010.
  • Karadağ, M.. 'The Impact of Public Capital on the Efficiency of Private - Manufacturing Industry at the Regional Level' , Ege Akademik Bakış, 10, 4, pp.1167-1173, 2010.
  • Deliktaş E. , A. Ö. Önder, and M. Karadağ) "The Size Distribution of Cities and Determinants of City Growth in Turkey ", European Planning Studies,21,2, 251-263, 2013.

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