Prof. Dr. A.Özlem ÖNDER

Prof. Dr. A.Özlem ÖNDER

Ege Üniversitesi
İktisadi ve İdari Bilimler Fakültesi
İktisat Bölümü
35100 Bornova / İZMİR
Tel: 0 232 3115287

Ph.D: Bilkent University, Economics, 1999
M.S.c: Bilkent University, Economics, 1996
B.S.c: Ankara University, Business Administration, 1994

Research Interests:
Econometrics, Applied Economics

Curriculum Vitae:
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Selected Publications:

  • Çatık A. N., and Önder A. Ö. (2013)“An Asymmetric Analysis of the Relationship between Oil Prices and Output: The Case of Turkey”, Economic Modelling, 33,884-892.
  • Deliktaş E. , A. Ö. Önder, and M. Karadağ , (2013) "The Size Distribution of Cities and Determinants of City Growth in Turkey", European Planning Studies, 21,2, 251-263
  • Çatık A. N., and Önder A. Ö. (2011)“Inflationary Effects of Oil Prices in Turkey: A Regime-Switching Approach”, Emerging Markets Finance and Trade, 47,5,125-140.
  • Önder A. Ö., Candemir A. and Kumral N. (2009) “An Empirical Analysis of the Determinants of International Tourism Demand : The Case of Izmir”, European Planning Studies , 17,10, 1525-1533
  • Önder A. Ö. (2009) "The Stability of The Turkish Phillips Curve and Alternative Regime Shifting Models," Applied Economics, 41,20, 2597-2604.
  • Deliktaş E. , A. Ö. Önder, M. Karadağ , (2009) “The Spillover Effects of Public Capital on the Turkish Private Manufacturing Industries in the Geographical Regions”, The Annals of Regional Science, 43,2, 365-378.
  • Karadağ, M., A. Ö. Önder, and E. Deliktaş , (2005) “Growth of Factor Productivity in the Turkish Manufacturing Industry at Provincial Level”, Regional Studies, 39, 2, 213-223.
  • Önder A. Ö. and A. Zaman, (2005) "Robust Tests for Normality of Errors in Regression Models", Economics Letters, 86, 1, 63-68.

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